„It's crappy late-night coffeeshops, where criminally bored college

students make you perfect milkshakes and let you smoke indoors.“

food critic Jonathan Gold about underground L.A.


How can Stussy reinvent its iconice heritage in order to connect with the
upcoming generation of Streetwear Aficionados?

Stussy’s Shake Shop reconnects the brand with the Streetwear Aficionados in an underground pop-up, serving signature milkshakes inspired by their 80’s & 90’s California heritage. Taking over lived-down places in streetwear capitals all over the world, the shop’s trashy, retro vibe can be enjoyed only by those in-the-know. The four shakes, such as „The Shawn“ or „The Skateman“ make references to insider brand knowledge and are linked to an exclusive, limited capsule collection that revives iconic Stussy styles.

Take a look at the full concept book here and get some more insight on my process here


Stüssy Shake Shop Concept Book and two supporting research booklets. 


Research booklets illustrating current trends within food culture and a guide to the target group.